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#NoMoreMatildas - Asociación de Mujeres Investigadoras y Tecnólogas (AMIT)

Campaña de la AMIT que busca denunciar las consecuencias del Efecto Matilda, prejuicio en contra del reconocimiento de los logros de las mujeres científicas, cuyo trabajo a menudo se atribuye a sus colegas masculinos.

Acuerdo COSCE de transparencia sobre el uso de animales en experimentación científica en España - Informe anual 2020 - Confederación de Sociedades Científicas de España (COSCE)

Tercer Informe sobre la aplicación del Acuerdo de Transparencia sobre el uso de animales en experimentación científica en España, elaborado por EARA, la Asociación Europea de Investigación con Animales.

Research and innovation to drive the Green Deal (Brochure) - European Commission

The European Green Deal is a major contribution for the health of our planet and our people – and for our economy. In order for Europe to become a climate-neutral continent by 2050, this will require decarbonisation at a speed at least six times faster than anything achieved globally so far. Research and innovation will play a central role in accelerating the necessary transitions, deploying and demonstrating solutions, and engaging citizens in social innovation. Research and innovation will help drive and navigate the long-term systemic changes required to create a cleaner, greener, fairer society.

Reimagining Academic Career Assessment: Stories of innovation and change - European University Association (EUA)

This report and the accompanying online repository bring together and analyse case studies in responsible academic career assessment. Gathered by EUA, together with the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) and Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) Europe, the case studies serve as a source of inspiration for universities and other actors looking to improve their academic career assessment practices.

Advanced technologies for industry: Technological trends and policies - Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME). European Commission

The objective of this EU report is to provide an overview about the performance of the EU27 in Advanced Technologies and to give a snapshot of the policy landscape supporting the production and uptake of Advanced Technologies at EU, national and regional levels. Country performance in Advanced Technologies is presented based on patent, trade and investment data. The starting point of this analysis has been sixteen Advanced Technologies that are a priority for European industrial policy and that enable process, product and service innovation throughout the economy and hence foster industrial modernisation. Advanced Technologies are defined as recent or future technologies that are expected to substantially alter the business and social environment and include Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Technologies, Connectivity, Industrial Biotechnology, the Internet of Things, Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Mobility, Nanotechnology, Photonics, Robotics, and Security.

IP5 Statistics Report 2019 Edition - Five IP Offices (IP5)

The five IP offices (IP5) is the name given to a forum of the five largest intellectual property offices in the world that was set up to improve the efficiency of the examination process for patents worldwide.  This annual report presents statistics about activities at the IP5 Offices. In 2019, 2.7 million patent applications were filed at the IP5 Offices and together the IP5 Offices granted 1.6 million patents. The report highlights the trends in recent years as well as describing operations and developments at the IP5 Offices. This year more detailed statistics are presented in chapter 2 on cross filings at the IP5 Offices.

Motherhood in Science – How children change our academic careers - Global Young Academy

The idea of this book was initiated by a sub-group of the Women in Science Working Group of the Global Young Academy (GYA) that identified a mutual characteristic in their lives: since having children their professional and personal lives have been influenced in distinct ways.

Heritage Research Hub - Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage (JPI CH)

The Heritage Research Hub is a platform on and for the cultural heritage research community.

OECD Science, Technology and Innovation Outlook 2021 - Times of Crisis and Opportunity - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

In immediate responses to the COVID-19 crisis, science and innovation are playing essential roles in providing a better scientific understanding of the virus, as well as in the development of vaccines, treatments and diagnostics. Both the public and private sectors have poured billions of dollars into these efforts, accompanied by unprecedented levels of global cooperation. However, the economic crisis that is currently unfolding is expected to severely curtail research and innovation expenditures in firms, while debt-laden governments will face multiple, competing demands for financial support. These developments threaten to cause long-term damage to innovation systems at a time when science and innovation are most needed to deal with the climate emergency, meet the Sustainable Development Goals, and accelerate the digital transformation. Governments will need to take measures to protect their innovation systems as part of their stimulus and recovery packages, but should also use these as opportunities for reforms. In particular, science, technology and innovation (STI) policy should shift towards supporting a more ambitious agenda of system transformation that promotes a managed transition to more sustainable, equitable and resilient futures.

WIPO IP Facts and Figures 2020 - World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

An overview of intellectual property activity based on the latest available year of complete statistics.



CHIST-ERA Call 2020 for ICT research proposals

Convocant: CHIST ERA-NET

Àrea de coneixement: Enginyeries i arquitectura

Termini sol·licitud: 1/3/2021

Informació convocatòria: Call Announcement

Call for Proposals for Transnational Research Projects on Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Àrea de coneixement: Vida i salut

Termini sol·licitud: 9/3/2021

Informació convocatòria: Call text

13th JPIAMR Call for Research Proposals - One Health interventions to prevent or reduce the development and transmission of Antimicrobial Resistance

Convocant: Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR)

Àrea de coneixement: Vida i salut

Termini sol·licitud: 16/3/2021

Informació convocatòria: Call for proposals

Open Call - European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

Convocant: European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

Àrea de coneixement: Genèriques

Termini sol·licitud: 29/10/2021

Informació convocatòria: Call for proposals

15/1/2021  |  Ciència i economia
Rosa María Sebastián, nova directora del Parc de Recerca UAB - UAB
14/1/2021  |  Ciència i economia,  Enginyeria i arquitectura
El clúster Catalonia NewSpace Alliance uneix Govern i sector en l'impuls de la nova economia de l'espai a Catalunya - Govern.cat
12/1/2021  |  Ciència i economia,  Enginyeria i arquitectura
El Govern impulsa l'Avantprojecte de llei que crearà l'Agència Espacial de Catalunya - Govern.cat